Creating Gold Text in Photoshop

Have you ever needed gold text to give that extra sparkle to a logo, business card or voucher? Here is a tutorial that will help you give that look. The settings shown in here are a foundation and can be adjusted accordingly for best results.

1) Fill the background layer with black. Then write tyour text in a bold and powerful typeface. Make sure the text is white and adjust the kerning to give it good spacing.

2) After copying the text layer, double-click the above copy and go to the Gradient Overlay settings. Set the colours to the RGB co-ordinates as shown in the diagram. Finally, change the blend mode to Reflected.

3) Now venture across to the Bevel & Emboss panel. Adjust the settings like our diagram.

4) After ticking the Contour option (and leaving the settings how they are), head over to Inner Glow section and adjust the settings like below.

5) Now select the underneath layer. Apply a stroke to this layer by following the settings below.

6) Change the gradient colour using the co-ordinates prescribed in these diagrams.

7) After ticking the Contour, apply Bevel & Emboss to the underneath layer. Use the settings as shown below.

8) Apply an Outer Glow to the underneath layer. Follow the settings in the diagram, including the colour ratios.

9) Create a new layer on top (this will be the sparkle layer), then head over to Brushes. You need to select the Assorted Brushes option - the 1st setting.

10) In the brush list, select the "48" star. Then using the eyedropper tool and sample a shiny part of the letters. This will be the colour of your sparkles.

11) Simply place your sparkles in random places on the text and tone down it's impact by adjusting the layer's opacity to 50%. There you have it! Versatile gold text.

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