Creating a preset in Lightroom

We love Lightroom! It’s great for batch editing when you have hundreds of photos to go through and you need to get it done quickly.

This tutorial will help you speed things up even more. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of very similar photos to edit such as product shots or headshots. Photos that have consistent light and colouring.

Presets are a lot like actions in Photoshop. They help you save a set of changes you’ve done to one image and apply it to multiple.

It’s really very simple, first you edit your shot as you want it. This will not apply to cropping, spot removal or red eye removal, you’ll still have to do those manually.

Next you go to the “Preset” panel on the left hand side and click the small plus symbol at the top. You’ll notice there are already some presets there for you to try.

But to save your own, just click the plus button and a dialogue box will come up.

Now click “uncheck all” and go ahead and check just the settings that you’d like to keep. For example if you like the amount of contrast you have on your current picture, check contrast, and so on.

Now just click “Create” and that’s all! Enjoy your preset, you can use it on all your other photos now!

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