Creating Awkward Shapes Accurately

Have you ever been set the task of creating a shape that needs to have accurate measurements? If it's a square or a rectangle, you can just set the document to the requested size. However, if it's a less equilaterial shape, this isn't so easy. Here is a tutorial that helps you create an aethestically odd shape.

Stage 1: Set your canvas size to at least the largest measurement of your shape. In this case, the largest length was 580mm, so an A1 canvas shape would be sufficient.

Stage 2: Draw a rectangle. Then afterwards, select the shape and adjust the width and the height. In this case, the width was the top of the shape and the height was the diagonal measurements.

Stage 3: Draw a line to represent the bottom and shorter width of the awkward shape. Adjust it's size on the settings bar. Then centre this line horizontally to the shape.

Stage 4: Next, draw the height lines with the line tool. Start at the top left corner and drag down to the left end of the bottom line. This should measure to your required size but you can always check the settings panel to be sure.

Stage 5: Copy the height line and flip this horizontally using an option on the Object bar. Then when you position this at the right end of the bottom line, it should position itself at an equal angle to it's counterpart.

Stage 6: Delete the yellow box and add in the top width with the line tool and you will see your complete shape. One that fits your measurement requirements.

Stage 7: Turn the shape into a filled object. Firstly, lock the layer containing the marked lines. Then on a new layer trace the lines using the pen tool to make them connect. There you have it!

#shapes #awkward #accurately #tutorial #InDesign #measurements #linetool #pentool #layers #size #adobe

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