Creating Cut outlines on Illustrator

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Here is a very useful method of adding singular cut outlines for complicated shapes, specifically used in sticker-creating scenerios...

Before you start manipulating your image, copy the photographic layer by dragging it into the "create new layer" icon.

Step 1a.jpg

Select the copy layer. Click on the drop-down menu of the "Image Trace" tab. Then select the "Silhouettes" option.

step 2a.jpg

Next, press the "Expand" tab, which will make the image more editable.

Step 3a.jpg

Change the outline/fill settings on the navigation bar. The first option should be transparent and the second set to black.

Step 4a.jpg

Click on the "Object" tab and hover over the "Path" option, which should navigate you to the "Offset Path" setting.

Step 5a.jpg

"Offset" determines the distance of the outline from the photographic image. "Joins" stylizes the smoothness.

Step 6a.jpg

You will be left with two clean lines and a series of unwanted scribbles. Open the copy layer to see all the outline layers.

Step 7a.jpg

Remove any unnecessary outlines by turning off the "layer visibility" tabs on each corresponding layer.

Step 8a.jpg

Remove the inner line by turning off the "layer visibility" tab. You should be left with one solitary outline.

Step 9a.jpg

Turn on the original photographic layer by clicking on the "layer visibility" tab. You will be left with the printing cutline.


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