Hello and welcome to Magenta Media the Covent Garden Design Agency for Graphic Design and Illustration Services


Hey! We are Magenta Media, Azo Prints new and beloved design agency based right in the heart of Covent Garden close to Westminster and Camden. We’ve set our sights high and aim to be the best graphic design and illustration agencies around, providing a variety of design services along with creative print and media services that exemplify our commitment to creativity in effective visual communication.

We might be the new kids on the block but we have the experience to back our enthusiasm. At Azo Print we have developed a great reputation over the years through hard work, commitment and unique service in print, creative

print and print management.

As the sign above our shop on Kingsway says, ‘we print everything’. We believe we can follow this success and versatility with our illustration and design agency, offering a service to individuals and businesses across Covent Garden, Westminster, Camden and Central London. 


Some of the most talented, creative and professional people in London have chosen to work with us over the years. Amazing graphic designers, brilliant photographers, illustrators, leading architects and a long list of prestigious companies have all come to, and most importantly, stuck with us.
We’ve learned from working with those people what it takes to excel, and through working together we have been inspired to gain the confidence we needed to take our services forward.
Experience has taught us how high industry and creative standards are, so we got a bunch of talented and creative minds together to build a design agency capable of helping you with any graphic design, illustration, creative print, photography and social media marketing project.
We wanted to work in a unique and creative environment that inspires both us and the people we work with. We’ve searched high and low and found the perfect location in Covent Garden, just round the corner from Kingsway! We can be 100% confident when we say our place is like no other. The design is completely unique; built by ourselves from scratch out of reclaimed wood and a lot of love.
So after a whole lot of sanding, varnishing and painting, it’s finally a place our design agency can call home. We’d love to get you in for a chat and maybe a cup of coffee. We can talk about your project and what are you trying to achieve and together we can come up with the plan that’s right for you.